Three Historic Site Wedding Venues That May Appeal To You


When you're hunting for a wedding venue, you'll find a long list of choices that range from historic to contemporary. While there are lots of people who will automatically opt for modern venue spaces, those that are older can also be appealing. Depending on where you live, you may have a wide range of options for historical sites that double as wedding venues. Some of these venues have indoor space, and others have outdoor space.

6 April 2020

3 Reasons To Add Virtual Reality To Your Corporate Event Entertainment


When planning a corporate event, one detail that deserves your attention is the entertainment provided for the event. You want the entertainment to appeal to a large variety of people while simultaneously providing the attendees with a memorable experience. An otherwise strong corporate event can be permanently tarnished by subpar entertainment. One option to add to your corporate event entertainment is virtual reality. Keep reading to learn a few reasons as to why virtual reality belongs at your corporate event.

23 January 2020