How To Turn An Event Into An Experience


The goal of professional event production is to create an experience that audience members will remember and tell others about. Event production services providers can do a lot of good, but they also need help from clients to turn happenings into experiences. Here are four things you can do to drive the experience factor up.

Anything Can Be an Event

Whether you're putting together a corporate function or a wedding, there's a lot to be said for treating it as an event. This means taking a structured approach to what's happening when it happens, and how it unfolds. Nothing memorable is effortless, although the best event production people can make it look that way.

Presentation Matters

Creating an appropriate atmosphere requires thinking about how small details are presented. If you're having dinner, the tables, plates, and seats should all reflect the same theme. Colors should connect to a specific meaning, and they should be used to tie the whole event together. Lighting should serve a purpose.

Have a Goal

Bringing the presentation together into an experience requires a plan. To put a plan into action, you need to have a goal. Goals can be driven by functions, such as a company rolling out a new product or service. They also can be driven by feelings, such as the desire to make a ceremony sober or funny.

Outlining a goal will also keep your event from working at cross purposes. You don't want to have one part of the event creating a strong sense of goofiness, for example, if you need to be serious. It's fine to have a little levity during such an event, but the atmosphere should make it easy for the audience to understand that it's a bit of comic relief rather than the start of a total clown show. Conversely, you don't want a serious moment at a fun event to cause the atmosphere to grind to halt.

Embrace the Theater of the Moment

The difference between a produced event and a simple gathering is a sense of theater. Some folks can find this challenging because it doesn't seem humble or they worry that they can't perform. Audience members, however, will embrace a theatrical presentation if it functions as a single production.

The audience will only come along for the ride, though, if you invite them to. Fortunately, the theater has beats that people recognize from entertainment. A coherent event production effort will help you create acts in a play that the audience can follow.



29 July 2020

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