Three Historic Site Wedding Venues That May Appeal To You


When you're hunting for a wedding venue, you'll find a long list of choices that range from historic to contemporary. While there are lots of people who will automatically opt for modern venue spaces, those that are older can also be appealing. Depending on where you live, you may have a wide range of options for historical sites that double as wedding venues. Some of these venues have indoor space, and others have outdoor space. In some locations, you and your wedding guests will get to enjoy both types of space. Here are three historic site wedding venues that may appeal to you.

Historic Home

A lot of historic homes serve as wedding venues, which can give happy couples a unique backdrop for their big day. For example, perhaps there's a historic home in your community that one of its founding families owned. It may date back a century or more, depending on where you live. Some historic homes are open as museums on select days of the week and operate as wedding and event venues at other times. Often, these spaces are ideal for small, intimate weddings. For example, the dining room in the historic home you choose may accommodate up to 25 guests, which can be perfect if you're keen on a small wedding.


If you're fortunate enough to live in an area on the coast, you're probably used to seeing lighthouses in various locations. What you might not immediately know is that some of these lighthouses may be historic — and available to rent as a wedding venue. This type of venue can be ideal for an outdoor wedding in the summertime. For example, the venue staff can arrange seating on the grass just a short distance from the lighthouse so that it will appear in the background during your ceremony.

Military Barracks

Another historic site that may serve as a wedding venue is military barracks. If you live in an area that has a lengthy military history, barracks may still be standing to serve as a historic site for visitors. A wedding in such a location can be ideal if your family has military ties or if you're simply a history enthusiast who is keen on choosing a unique venue for your special day. You might have the option of an outdoor ceremony and then using indoor space at the barracks for your reception.

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6 April 2020

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