Planning Your Summer Parties? 5 Inflatables To Rent For The Festivities


If you're planning your first blowout of the summer, don't forget the inflatables. Inflatables bring a new level of fun to every summer party. If you don't think your summer party needs inflatables, think again. Inflatables provide fun for people of all ages. In fact, inflatables go beyond the typical square bounce houses you're used to. If you're not sure what you need for your party, read the list below. Here are some inflatables you should rent for your summer parties.

Obstacle Courses

If you want to keep the kids entertained for hours, it's time to rent an inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses allow people to challenge each other to races. One of the benefits of inflatable obstacle courses is that they're fun for children and adults. Plus, they're a safe way to keep kids entertained. 

Sports Bouncers

If you want to include sports at your parties, add sports bouncers to your list of inflatable rental options. Sports bouncers give your guests plenty of room to play soccer and basketball. This type of bouncer is especially fun during the summer when it's too hot for outdoor sports. Plus, kids can roughhouse without getting scrapes and bruises. 

Toddler Space

If your summer parties will include young children, have plenty of play space for them too. Young children can't always play with the big kids. That's especially true when the big kids want to get rowdy. That's where toddler space comes into the picture. There are a lot of inflatable options for toddlers. You can even find themed inflatables to entertain your young party guests.  

Water Slides

If you're planning an outdoor party this summer, now's the time to think about water fun. Inflatables give you a lot of opportunities to add water fun to your summer parties. You can rent water slides for your guests. Most water slides are durable enough for children and adults. You can even rent smaller water slides for your younger guests. If you're hosting a party on a lake, you can rent inflatable party docks for your guests. 

Party Tents

If you want to take your summer parties up a notch, don't forget to rent inflatable party tents. Inflatable party tents offer air-conditioned space for you and your guests. You can use inflatable party tents for dining areas during the day. Then, you can turn the party tent into a dance hall at night. That way, you and your guests can continue having fun after the sun goes down. 

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5 June 2023

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