3 Post Options To Consider When You Rent Retractable Stanchions


Retractable stanchions are a simple and effective product that you can rent to direct the flow of people at your event. It's common to set up the posts and belts to direct how people approach a ticket counter, a snack area, or enter the event itself. When you visit an event rental company, you can expect to see all sorts of retractable stanchion products available. It's a good idea to take note of what post styles are available so that you can choose one that suits your event. You'll commonly find these three post options, especially if you choose an event rental company that has a large inventory.


Plastic posts for retractable stanchion sets are highly common, so you can almost certainly expect to see this option available. These posts come in several different colors, although black is common. There are several advantages to choosing plastic posts. They're often the most affordable option, which is ideal if you need to rent a lot of posts for a larger event. Additionally, they tend to be on the lighter side. As such, you'll find that it's easier to set up the posts around your venue than if you were to choose posts made from a heavier material.


Another option that you'll want to consider is metal. Metal posts for retractable stanchion sets are also highly common. You'll usually see them in different finishes, including both gold and silver colors. Metal posts are a good choice if you're planning more of an upscale event and you don't want plastic posts. For example, at a formal gathering such as a wedding, gold or silver stanchion posts may appeal to you. While they are heavier than plastic, the weight can be advantageous. If you're worried about windy conditions at an outdoor event, the weight of metal posts means that they'll be more likely to stay in place.


Some event rental companies carry wooden posts for retractable stanchion sets, and this look can appeal to some people. While the look of the wood will vary based on the type of wood stain used, you may find that wood provides more of a casual or rustic look than some other materials. You may want wooden posts if you're in an area where wood is prevalent. For example, if your venue has a cabin or lodge design, a set of wooden posts can be a better visual match than other materials.

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11 July 2022

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