4 Reasons To Choose Funeral Dove Release Services


Funerals are emotional events for many people. This is a time when a deceased person's life can be honored and remembered. Many people choose to deliver eulogies at loved ones' funerals, but you can incorporate any elements that you desire. Some people choose to include dove releases at their funerals as a beautiful way to honor the dead. Here are four reasons to take advantage of funeral dove release services:

Honor animal lovers in a way they would have enjoyed

Animals are an important part of many people's lives. It's common for people to own pets for companionship. However, some people love animals more than others. When an animal lover passes away, including animals in their funeral service is a great way to incorporate the things they loved best. A funeral dove release is one way to allow members of the animal kingdom to commemorate the life of your loved one just as you do.

Bring peace and comfort to surviving family members

Funerals are common across cultures for many reasons, not the least of which is their ability to bring comfort to surviving family members. A funeral dove release is a ritual that family members can participate in. Often, the person closest to the deceased is chosen to release a dove that symbolizes their spirit. The act of participating in a dove release can help people say goodbye in an active and meaningful way. Other family members can also take comfort while watching that symbolic bird take place.

Symbolically reunite deceased people with their loved ones

There are many important relationships in life. Some people marry spouses whom they then build lives with. Others have close relationships with parents and siblings. Sometimes, a person's loved ones pass on before they do. When this occurs, the surviving family member's eventual death can be seen as a kind of reunification. Funeral dove release services that feature two or more doves can create a powerful image of this reuniting. As funeral attendees watch doves soar high in the air, they can imagine the spirits of their loved ones joining peacefully and happily together once more.

Take advantage of a powerful image

Doves are often seen as birds that symbolize peace. A sky full of white doves can therefore be a powerful image. You can take advantage of dove release services that feature multiple doves. Watching these birds take flight can turn your loved one's funeral into a memorable and special occasion.

For more information about funeral dove release services, contact a local company.


23 June 2022

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