Putting Together A Connected Hybrid Corporate Event


Video conferencing continues to grow out of necessity for many live and corporate event planners. Although many would-be attendees would like nothing more than to be at the event in person, everything from budget and health concerns to time constraints makes doing so challenging. Video streams of live events offer viable alternatives to in-person gatherings. The proverbial binary choice may not be the only option. A hybrid event that combines streaming and in-person gatherings could appeal to everyone and leave a memorable impression.

A Connected Hybrid Event

One challenge may exist when putting a hybrid event together: making everyone appreciate the experience equally. If the in-person attendees have all the fun and the streaming-only provides the viewer with a disconnected, fly-on-the-wall experience, the at-home viewers might tune out. Conversely, having people stand around at a venue to watch a monitor becomes little more than a group streaming experience. Establishing a "more connected" hybrid event could leave everyone walking away with a positive impression.

The Impression Means A Lot

Corporate live events are often promotional. The event may exist to brand a company further or promote a new product. When attendees feel bored or disconnected, the event may fail to deliver on expectations. Some concepts that could connect the parties include:

  • Shifting Audiences and Participants: A corporate event could include participation activities among attendees. Live attendees could take action involving a physical product, while the streaming viewers may try out a corresponding app. The approach allows participants and audiences to shift places.
  • "Viewer-Only" Streams: At points, all parties could stand back and act as audiences. Pre-recorded videos or PowerPoint displays may appear on monitors at the live event, and at-home viewers could watch the streaming versions. When both attendees do the same thing, none may feel excluded.
  • Interactions Between Both Sides: Event planning could include ways both sets of attendees can engage with one another. Perhaps team-building activities might serve as a way to make this idea come to life.

Careful planning of all hybrid event activities in advance could increase the chances of going smoothly. Working with the right professional crew might do so, as well.

Professional Corporate Event Partners

A professional A/V team that understands live shows and multimedia streams could help craft a hybrid event. The team may perform run-throughs to determine how to smooth out things on event night. Overall, the result might have a polished feel.

Contact a company like AVEX to learn more about hybrid events.


14 December 2021

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