5 Ways To Find The Right Wedding Venue


When choosing a wedding venue, most couples consider practical matters like its ability to hold all their guests. But don't forget to look for elements that will make up the feeling you want for the day. Here are a few key elements that will help make up that feeling.

1. The Surrounding Area

As you come and go, think about the areas surrounding the venue. How do you feel when you approach the neighborhood and the property? Does it make you happy even before you see the venue itself? Is the area safe? Is parking comfortable? Will guests feel welcome? While the most important part of any wedding venue is where you will actually hold the ceremony and party, the overall feel will add or detract. 

2. Privacy

How much privacy does the area afford? Are there other weddings happening at the same time that will interact or be seen from yours? No wedding couple wants to compete with others on their big day. In addition, if you don't want to be in full view of the street, hotel guests, or beachgoers, can privacy be ensured by the venue? For most couples, this is particularly important for the ceremony location. 

3. Your First Reaction

There is no way to quantify how a venue makes you feel inside. But this is just as important as things like square footage, so don't undervalue your personal response when first seeing the location. Does it make you feel good, eager to see more? Do you want to explore it? Can you picture yourself exchanging vows here? If not, it may not be the place for you, no matter how practical. 

4. Photography Locations

Photos from the big day will be one of your most enduring memories, so you want a venue that provides backdrops you love. Depending on the style of the couple and the wedding theme, this might be scenic outdoor locations, beautiful architectural details, fun settings, or even eclectic spots. Look around and see how the various locations do or do not inspire you.

5. Staff Interactions

How are your experiences with the venue staff? You will spend a great deal of time working with them, so you should feel that they are responsive and accommodating. You should feel comfortable interacting with them and feel that they have the time for you. Do you feel like you can work with them as a team? If not, you may experience frustration rather than excitement. 

Where to Start

As you tour venues, pay attention to these less obvious elements of the space. As you consider the entire venue from arrival through the end of your party, you're sure to find a location that fits your needs and, more importantly, makes you feel happiest on your big day. 


20 April 2021

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