Get Involved: How To Become Active In Grassroots Lobbying


If you want to make a change in the way things are run in this country, you need to become involved. The best way to become involved and facilitate change is to participate in grassroots lobbying. Big businesses use direct lobbying as a way to protect their interests. Unfortunately, most people don't have that much money or power individually. However, power is often balanced through the use of grassroots lobbying. Grassroots lobbying merely requires concerned individuals to get stand together for the common good. Here are three ways you can become an active participant in grassroots lobbying.

Respond to Action Alerts

When it comes to lobbying for change from a grassroots level, it's crucial that you respond to action alerts. Those are those moments when key players—such as politicians—call for the assistance of the community. Your local politician may call for constituents to get involved in letter-writing campaigns. This also happens when vocal activists urge you to contact your local politicians or to become a demonstrator, especially when key issues are coming up for votes. One voice becomes very loud when it's teamed up with hundreds more.

Participate in Town Hall Meetings

If you've never been to a town hall meeting or signed up to speak at a city council meeting, it's time to do that. The most important change often begins at the local levels. You can make sure your voice is heard by attending those local meetings. That's also a great way to meet other activists who share your concerns.

Maintain an Active Social Media Presence

If you want to become an active participant in grassroots lobbying, the easiest thing you can do is maintain an active social media presence. The first thing you need to do is start following your local legislators. That's where you'll find out most of the details you need for your lobbying efforts. Next, you'll need to get socially active. The important thing to remember is that politicians follow what's being said about them on social media pages.


If you have thoughts and concerns regarding particular issues, be vocal about them on your social media pages. Center your posts around key issues you're involved in. Be sure to create hashtags that will draw attention to your issues.


When you find posts or stories that draw attention to your issues, share them across your social media pages. Posts that are active on social media pages often go viral, which means they reach a larger audience.

You may be one person, but you can still make a difference in the country and in the world. Use the tips provided here to become an active participant in grassroots lobbying efforts.


30 November 2018

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