7 Tips for Getting Employees Engaged at Corporate Events


It can be difficult to convince employees to enjoy corporate events. Though events are critical for company culture, employees may see these as a distraction. To encourage better participation at your corporate events, consider the following seven tips.

1. Time the Event Right

If your employees are swamped, they're going to view corporate events as a hindrance. Even if these events are valuable, they're going to be perceived as being difficult to manage. Try to time your major events during slow seasons.

2. Offer Rewards to Employees

Combine rewards, such as productivity awards, with your corporate events. By offering rewards and awards to your employees, you can show that they are valued at the business. It may be more encouraging for employees to attend if there's a personal reason to do so.

3. Integrate Team-Building Activities

Many employees want to work better with their colleagues and their management. Integrate fun, productive team building activities to promote attendance at corporate events. Consider hosting group contests to further improve upon teamwork.

4. Add Training Opportunities

Employees are more likely to take corporate events seriously if they feel that these events could improve their career. Add training or career-building opportunities to corporate events, such as the ability to interface with other departments or cross-train in other areas.

5. Update Your Corporate Events

Corporate events can become stale over time. If your corporate events have gone unchanged for the last few decades, they may appear dated, stifled, or overly formal. Events should be updated if they are to remain modern and relevant; otherwise, employees may feel as though the information presented doesn't apply to them.

6. Get Guest Speakers

Guest speakers within your industry can draw in employees, as they will be interested in hearing from someone with personal expertise. Not only does this type of event give an organization good publicity, but it also lets employees benefit from the knowledge of experienced individuals within the field.

7. Make Sure It's Fun

Finally, a corporate event shouldn't be all about the corporation. Make sure to incorporate fun events that have nothing to do with career training or team building. Games, outdoor hikes, and other non-business activities can show employees that they are valued by their employer as an individual and make the business portion of the event less fatiguing.

Getting employees engaged at corporate events will improve upon the teamwork and productivity among your staff. If nothing else, you can ask employees directly for their opinions. If you want to plan your next corporate event, contact a event planning company like Royal Entertainment.


25 March 2018

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