4 Things To Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Wedding Venue


If you are planning on getting married, a big part of planning the wedding is choosing a wedding venue. Here are a few things that you are going to want to take into consideration when choosing a wedding venue.

#1 The Size

The first thing that you want to take into consideration is the size of the venue. Remember, its maximum occupancy number may not be the most comfortable number for the venue once it is filled with wedding stuff. For example, a venue that can accommodate max 220 people, may feel much better and very full with 170 people when you add in tables, chairs, a buffet or food tables, DJ set-up, dance floor and the bar.

When you look at venues, think about the maximum amount of people that you intend to invite and how comfortably they would fit in the venues that you are considering.

#2 Parking

Second, you need to take parking into consideration. Does the venue have enough parking available for your guests? Will they have to walk a long distance to the venue? Will your guests be able to handle this type of walk?

If there is not enough parking, are you able to run shuttle vans or buses from another location? Is this an expense that you can afford in your wedding budget? Be sure to carefully consider the parking situation before renting a venue and make sure it will not increase your overall budget.

#3 Acoustics

If music is an important part of your wedding plans, you'll want to think carefully about the acoustics of the venue. A small space only needs a small band or DJ; a large space will require someone with a bigger sound set-up. Additionally, elements such as carpet will muffle the sound and make it seem quieter whereas flooring such as wood or tile tend to amplify sounds and make them seem larger. Check and see how the sounds work in the venue you are interested and perhaps bring someone who is more of an acoustic expert with you to check out your top choices.

#4 Restrictions

Some venues require you to use their own catering company and services. Other have a list of specific vendors that you can use where some will let you bring in whatever vendor you want to the event space. Other venues may have restrictions on the way that you decorate the space or the types of decorations that you use. Be sure to check out the restrictions that a venue has in place to make sure that they don't clash with your wedding plans


25 May 2017

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