Tips for Making the First Dance at Your Wedding Extra Special


Accepting or making a marriage proposal is an exciting way for you to steer your life into stable yet uncharted territory. Standing before your friends and family while saying, "I do," can also bring about deep feelings and wonderful memories. It is when you have your first dance as a newly married couple that you will have the opportunity to understand the importance of your bond, for the world around you to behold. If you want to cherish this memory, spend ample time preparing your dance routine so that you can show off your moves as well as the love of your life.

Choose The Perfect Song

Some couples prefer their first dance to be slow and romantic, embracing one another as they look into each other's eyes, occasionally glancing at their loved ones with the biggest smiles on their faces. Other newlyweds prefer to work as a team, performing the latest dances set to upbeat music that the entire wedding party can groove to. For this you will need to hire wedding band performers who are capable of taking both classic melodies as well as party songs and adapting them so that they are well suited for the occasion.

Practice Until You Get It Right

Even if you just plan to slow dance together, you don't want to wait until the day of your wedding to figure out what your first dance as a married couple is going to consist of. Practice your twirls, dips and lifts until you and your future spouse will not be uncomfortable performing in front of a crowd. You can dance together while you are home together, or you can ask your wedding band performers to give you a copy of the music that will be played during your first dance.

Capturing The Moment

All your guests are going to remember your first dance almost as well as you will. You will want to remember this moment exactly as it happened, from the wedding band performers onstage to the expressions of your parents as they watch you take your bride or groom in hand. Professional videography can help you to capture this special memory from various perspectives, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment and give you the opportunity to play it back whenever you'd like.

If you hire a wedding band to play music at your wedding, each song played can really capture the spirit of your extra special day. Having every second of your wedding professionally captured of video will allow you to edit and splice the funniest, most touching and captivating scenes together, enabling you to watch each highlight again and again. Make sure that you budget your wedding day expenses so that hiring wedding band performers and professional videographers is an area you don't need to struggle to pay for and you are guaranteed to have memories that become priceless in your heart.


24 January 2017

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