Overwhelmed Single Parents Seeking Life Coach Training: What To Look For


If you are an overwhelmed single parent trying to figure out how to squeeze ten things in a single day, you might need some life coach training. A life coach can help you prioritize and de-stress at the same time, which you probably think is quite impossible. If you are seeking the best life coach training you can get, here is what you need to look for.

A Life Coach Who "Gets You"

The last thing you need is a twenty-something single person with no kids telling you how to de-stress. That is usually more stressful because you are sitting there thinking to yourself that this "kid" has no idea what stress really is. The best life coach for you is one that "gets you," and gets what you are facing and going through. Single parenthood and a job plus home responsibilities is not something everyone can coach you through. Find a coach that is close to your age or older than you and who has or has had children. That is the best coach for you.

Resources You Have Not Tried Yet

Many life coaches have similar resources. What you want and need is a life coach that has resources you have not tried yet. If the coach cannot give you new options, that is not the life coach you need right now. Find one that is willing to give up a single resource you have not tried in order to get your business. You can convince this coach that you are conducting your own "trust exercise"—something he or she will totally understand. Then you can hire the coach that is willing to give up that one different resource as a "freebie" to get hired.

Someone Who Acts as Both a Cheerleader and a Calming Influence

All types of personalities are involved in the life coaching business. What you are probably looking for is someone who will be both your cheerleader and your chill pill. Single parenting is hard, and you want someone who will constantly reassure and encourage you, all while helping you relax and focus on your goals. It takes a special life coach personality to do that, but if you find him/her, hire that coach right away. He or she should also be willing to take your calls at all times of the day or evening in case something is melting down in your life and you need redirection.


8 December 2016

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