Gifts Ideas For The Minimalist In Your Life


If you have a friend or relative who lives with a minimalistic philosophy, finding the perfect gift for the holiday season can be a real challenge. Minimalists strive to reduce clutter, extraneous things, and noise -- you can never be certain if a gift might be working contrary to their personal goals. However, with some careful thought and planning, you should be able to provide a practical and meaningful gift for your much-loved minimalist.

Try event tickets.

Just because your loved one is eschewing extra things does not mean they are living a dull lifestyle. Surprise your friend with tickets to a well-attended event. If they're not in the mood for things like concerts or plays, you can also consider traveling science shows, public speaking events, sporting events, or a professional conference. Choose an event that you'd both enjoy attending together, or get a set of tickets to allow for the whole family to go. Experiences are always more important than things to a minimalist. For more information, contact companies like Academy Tickets.

Consider food.

While your loved one might not enjoy knick-knacks, toys, or the latest movie on Blu-ray, they still like to eat. Many minimalists eat a simple diet, but that does not mean that the food is not high quality or interesting. Try purchasing a subscription to a specialty food delivery service that specializes exotic ingredients or locally sourced foods. The challenge to cook something new or to try some new foods can be more entertaining than a new watch or cell phone.

Give the gift of homemade practicality.

Even though your loved one is not big on collecting things, they do still have needs. For example, the minimalist is someone who can appreciate a handmade blanket (it has a daily, useful purpose) or a pair of knitted socks. When you make these items yourself, or purchase them from a local craftsperson, you show that you support the minimalist goals of reducing consumerism while supporting local economies. 

Contribute to a life goal.

What goals does your friend or relative have? Maybe they are saving to travel to Asia, maybe they want to take some college courses, or maybe they are looking into learning a new skill like dance, fitness, or photography. You might contribute to the goal by adding to the travel savings account or by helping to pay for a class. You could pay for a gym membership or hire personal trainer to help your loved one reach their goals. 


29 November 2016

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