Cool Ideas For Classy Christmas Parties


Turn your regular holiday gathering into something sophisticated and classy this year. Instead of the same whimsical themes, add some features that make your guests feel pampered and indulged with some easy tips that are sure to make your event memorable.

Some ways to create a classy Christmas party are:

Give your party some shimmer and shine. This year, skip the traditional color schemes and pull out the silver and gold. Bring an air of class to your venue with a ritzy metallic theme. The lights and reflections will make your party shine and gleam. This is a great way to dress-up any holiday party, making it instantly seem like a haute affair!

Gift your guests with a valet. Treat guests to a valet when they arrive at your party and save them the hassle of finding a place to park! Valet services are often available for private parties in most regions, and it can also make for more efficient parking in confined spaces, as well as guest convenience when attending your event.

Set-up some stylish stations. In lieu of a buffet, set up service stations for guests to sample and serve themselves. Go with trendy food options, like sushi, gourmet mac and cheese, or even cocoa, and save on servers and catering costs. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to mingle and converse, while tasting your fine party fare.

Rent a fabulous fountain for your focal point. For a fabulous focal point, rent a show-stopping chocolate fountain. Guests will love dipping and sampling fruits, sweets, and treats covered in rich chocolate, or choose a champagne fountain to cascade bubbly during your event. These make an eye-catching feature at your fancy holiday bash and most party rental companies have a selection of chocolate or champagne fountains to choose from.

Make a little music. To get everyone in the holiday spirit, hire some carolers to perform during your party. Check out local businesses to rent a stage for your singers to perform from. Christmas music will even put an old Grinch in a festive mood!

Give guests something to remember your party. Give guests high-end favors to thank them for attending your party and to give them something to remember the occasion with. For example, consider ordering metal or glass ornaments and having them personalized with your name or the date of the party.

A classy Christmas party is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and the new year ahead. Invite friends, neighbors, and colleagues- even your boss- to a sophisticated and classy function that friends talk about for years to come. Contact a business, such as The Nests BnB and Events, for more information.   


29 November 2016

Renting Party Supplies

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