Five Fun Ideas When You Don't Want to Go Trick-or-Treating


Halloween is a festive time, but not every parent wants to take their children trick-or-treating. In addition to the inherent hazards of the holiday, some may simply want to start new family traditions by doing something else. This Halloween, celebrate with your family in a different way but still capture the essence of this fun autumnal occasion.

Five fun things that you can do to celebrate the holiday are listed below. 

1. Throw a Halloween party. Instead of heading out, invite others in for a spectacular and spooky Halloween party! Gather your family, friends, and neighbors for themed cocktails, décor, and a menu that suit the season, and require guests to come in costume. This could become your family's favorite fall activity, or it could begin a new tradition that others look forward to. You can supplement the items you already have at your house with party rentals to make the party truly memorable. 

2. Transform your house. Turn your house into a scary haunted house with interactive games, a frightening movie, or prizes for family members who come in costume. Offer some unique attractions that kids will enjoy, such as a scavenger hunt, a fog machine, or creepy food to pacify those that didn't go out trick-or-treating.

3. Go away. Go away for the night or at least for the evening. Head to a movie and a hotel, or take the family out for a much-deserved stay at an area resort. Enjoy a meal at a restaurant that you have all wanted to try and that seems like something special.

4. Plan a family night. Get out the games and plan a family night in! Enjoy playing cards, watching a movie, or putting on your pajamas and start planning winter activities or an upcoming vacation. Let the kids help you cook a finger-food menu that is a treat for the whole family.

5. Start volunteering. Take this opportunity to teach your children about giving back by volunteering over the holidays at a local shelter, humane society, or other organization. These groups often lack adequate staffing during holidays, so offer up your family's services on the one night that many may be busy.

Skip trick-or-treating this year and start a new tradition with your family. Plan on a party or time away, or give back by spending time volunteering. You may also stay in with your kids and do something that they will remember for years to come, like set up a haunted house or have a family craft night. Use these tips to enjoy your holiday without going door-to-door. 


16 November 2016

Renting Party Supplies

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