What to See a Thoroughbred Horse Race? Here's the Big 3 to Check Out


Maybe you caught a glimpse of a horse race on television, or have recently developed an interest in horse racing. If so, then you should look into thoroughbred horse races. There are lots of horse races around the country, but not all of them are thoroughbred races. You are going to want to focus your attention on flat races, as opposed to harness racing, trotters, or steeplechases. These are all interesting equine events, but if your interest lies in classic thoroughbred horse racing, then you're probably looking for the big flat races, particularly the Triple Crown events. Here's some insight on some of the biggest equine events you can attend. 

The Kentucky Derby

This race is probably the most famous horse race in the entire country. It's the first part of the famed Triple Crown. The race takes place at Churchill Downs, in Louisville Kentucky. It's the oldest horse race event in the country, dating back to 1875. It is also a huge event for society folk, as well as normal spectators. The traditions surrounding the race (drinking mint juleps, women wearing ornate hats) are images one associates with the race. The length of the race itself is 1 and a quarter miles. There is fanfare before the race, including performances by matching bands, including the band from the University of Louisville. The winning horse is adorned with red roses.

The Preakness Stakes

This race is the second event in the Triple Crown. It's held in Maryland at Pimlico Race Course. The atmosphere at the Preakness Stakes is a bit more relaxed than at The Kentucky Debry. While at the Derby, you could expect to see society types hanging out in their finest clothes in "millionaires row" (a section of expensive seats for the wealthy), The Preakness has Infieldfest. This is where attendees fill the infield and take part in a big party-like atmosphere. Bands will often perform before the race.

The winning horse is adorned by a blanket of beautiful yellow flowers that are painted to look like the state flower. An interesting bit of trivia: the reason yellow flowers are painted is that the state flower (black eyed Susan's) are not in bloom at the time of the race, so organizers paint yellow flowers to resemble them.

The Belmont Stakes

This is the last race in the Triple Crown. It's held at Belmont Park, which is located outside of New York City in Long Island. It is the longest of all of the triple crown traces, clocking in at a mile and a half. The winning horse in this race is adorned with white carnations. This race will often be one of the most watches races in the world, especially if there is a horse who has won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. In those cases, the Belmont is the deciding factor on whether or not there will be a Triple Crown winter, which is one of the most astounding accomplishments in racing.

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14 November 2016

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