Love Among The Leaves -- 4 Questions To Answer About Your Vineyard Wedding Venue


If you're looking for a romantic outdoor wedding venue, a vineyard can be the answer to your prayers. With a beautiful and natural setting, a multitude of photo ops, and plenty of space, your favorite winery may be the best choice for your wedding. But, to host a great wedding day, there are a few questions to answer before you finalize your plans.

What Season Do You Want? While many wedding venues—especially indoor ones—tend to look the same all year long, it's important to remember that a vineyard will change during the year. If you like full, green leaves and grapes, you want to plan your wedding for late summer. On the other hand, if your goal is a deep red on the fruits and oranges in the background, fall may be your time. Be aware, too, that working vineyards will have to harvest the grapes . . . which may impact your available times. 

How Private is It? Most wineries also host the public for various activities, such as wine tastings and tours. This may mean that your wedding will be a little less private than you'd hoped for. Talk with the venue about privacy options or the ability to close off your venue.  If needed, consider moving your wedding to a time when fewer people are visiting—such as morning or evening—or a weekday.

What Amenities Are Included? Working wineries aren't always set up for large outdoor events, so you should ensure that you and your guests will have access to such things as:

  • Sufficient restroom facilities that are easy to reach
  • Portable generators for electricity
  • Basic kitchen facilities, such as running water, refrigeration, and a prep area
  • Enough seating for all guests
  • A backup covering in case of rain

If you discover that any of these are lacking at your particular wedding venue location, don't fret. You should be able to rent most or all of these items...even classy and beautiful portable restrooms. 

What Alcohol Can be Served? A vineyard may be built for the sole purpose of producing wine, but that may not mean that the winery is authorized to serve any other alcohol. If you want a full bar, make sure your venue is allowed to host one. If not, you may be able to bring your own limited alcohol for some guests. Otherwise, consider providing a bar at the rehearsal dinner instead of at the wedding itself.

By answering these basic questions when planning your winery wedding, you can create a fantastic wedding and reception that reflects your personality and your love. For more information and ideas on wedding venues, contact a venue such as DEER MOUNTAIN EVENTS.


9 November 2016

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